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Freshman: How can I get over my fear of running?

I had the same exact fear freshmen year, so just know that you are not alone. I would literally get sick thinking about running on the track, but I eventually got over it, and you can too! The most important thing to do is to start thinking optimistically. Every time we had to run, I just thought to myself that after this run, that would be one less run I had to do for the rest of the year. If you run with this mentality, trust me, it gets better. If you get anxious while running, do something or think about something that will distract you from it. Some of the gym teachers let you listen to music while running, so if you can, run while listening to your favorite band, song, or use a playlist that will actually motivate you to run. If you cannot listen to music, think about a good day you’ve had or about something you’re looking forward to. With three more years of running ahead of you, you’re fear of running will go away and it’ll be less of a burden to run, especially if you think positively.

You should also consider the positive aspects of running. Although running can be tiring, it’s for your own benefit. Considering we go to Townsend, we may not have time outside of school to set aside a certain amount of hours every week to exercise. So, running in school forces you to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle- which is a good thing.

Sophomore: How do you tell somebody that you aren’t friends with anymore that they hurt you emotionally?

Letting someone know that they’ve hurt you is not easy, especially if you are not friends with them. Trust me, I’ve been there before. But the best way to get your message across would be to confront that person. It’s important that you let them know, because something has to be said before they go on and hurt others. I understand if you are hesitant at first, but you should express your feelings and make sure that the other person acknowledges what they have done. So the best way to make sure that you are heard is to confront that person, whether it may be a small chat or a long discussion, it is important for you to really make sure that your feelings come out as honest as possible. It may be difficult but once you sort the situation out, you will feel at ease.

However, depending on the situation, it may also be best to let things go. Always follow your heart and stand up for your beliefs. If the situation is over and long forgotten, and if you are happy with where you are now, you may not want to bring back negative memories from the past, but rather focus on you and bringing a more positive attitude into your life.

Sophomore: Well, I just moved to New York last summer from Philadelphia, specifically the west area. I used to spend time shooting hoops on the playground most of my days. After a confrontation with a couple of guys who were up to no good. My parents decided to move me out of my neighborhood. It hasn’t been the same and I really miss my old friends. I would just like to know how, my life got flipped upside down?

It may seem as if your parents did made this decision without your opinion and this move may seem sudden, but if your parents wanted it, it was probably for the best. They most likely wanted to protect you from the wrong crowd, and although it may not seem like it, our parents do know what is best for their children, most of the time. Think of this move as a new beginning. Townsend is full of great people that you can meet and build some of the best friendships with. I know you miss your friends back in Philadelphia, but I’m sure you can arrange something with your parents so that you can visit them in the summer or during your breaks. If anything, you can always connect with them through social media or video chat them. Also, if it helps, find a part of Philadelphia in New York City. Find something that reminds you of your first home so that it almost feels as if you never left in the first place. I know change can be scary, but believe me when I say this change was for the best and you will eventually, if not soon, learn to love and adapt to your new home.

Sometimes it’s good to get out of your comfort zones and find new interests, hobbies, and opportunities. If Will Smith can do it, then so can you!

Thanks for sending in your questions, and keep them coming for more advice!

Yours truly,

The Helpful Hawks