A guide to Broadway

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This year’s Broadway season is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on any shows. With this guide, you will be informed of all the current performances in the Theater District of our cosmopolitan city.


Lion King: Based on Disney’s hit 1994 animated film The Lion King, this show offers a more in-depth retelling of events, from Simba’s time in the Pride Lands to his taking back of the throne from his evil uncle, Scar. See the ensemble in their beautifully crafted animal costumes and watch Simba become the Lion King in this nostalgic, jaw-dropping performance.   

Wicked: The broadway adaptation of best-seller book by Gregory Maguire whisks audiences away to the land of Oz during a time before Dorothy and her dog Toto dropped in. Meet Elphaba and Glinda as they cross paths at Shiz University. Learn how these young women end up becoming the two most famous witches, the Wicked Witch of the West and the Good Witch of the North.  

“What I liked most was the plot. Learning about the past behind the witches of Oz was really intriguing. The way the characters were portrayed made me resonate with them.” – Junior Ashautae Munroe

Phantom of the Opera: Follow chorus girl Christine Daee as she is tutored by masked man Erik, also known as the mysterious Phantom of the Opera. When she falls in love with her childhood friend, Raoul, the jealous Erik kidnaps her and takes her to his catacomb lair. Loving both men, Christine is forced to choose between following her heart or following her duty.

Chicago: This show is set in the mid-1920’s during Chicago’s jazz scene. Follow Roxie Hart, a wannabe vaudevillian, who is in jail for murdering her lover in an attempt to gain the attention of renowned lawyer, Billy Flynn. While in jail, she meets her idol, a famed murderess named Velma Kelly. Tensions rise as Roxie learns that in order for her to become famous, she has to fight for Velma’s spotlight.

“The storyline is one of a kind and the dancing and singing is amazing. The level of professionalism is insane. It’s emotional even though the topic of the story is not meant to make you cry because it’s more of a comedy but it did regardless.”- Junior Faye Shemper

My Fair Lady: In this revival from its 1993 Broadway run, we meet a young Cockney flower seller, Eliza Doolittle. Her thick accent makes her feel embarrassed when in the presence of the upper class. Wishing to become a lady of high society, she seeks out Professor Henry Higgins and convinces him to give her elocution lessons.

Kinky Boots: A young boy, Charlie Price, is told that he will take over his father’s shoe-making business one day, which he finds boring. In London, a boy named Simon is fascinated by shoes, especially by a pair of red women’s heels. Years later, after the death of his father, Charlie takes over the company, which is in danger of bankruptcy. He crosses path with a drag performer, Lola, who he enlists to help him create an innovative new shoe.

New shows premiering this year

Frozen: Every parent, teen, and child has had “Let it Go” stuck in their head since Frozen’s 2013 premiere. Now, five years later, it has been brought to the big stage. The show recounts the tale of the sisters Elsa and Anna as Elsa’s coronation day arrives and she has to come to terms with her icy powers. Watch the show to follow Anna as she races against the clock to save Arendelle from an eternal winter.

The Cher Show: In honor of the legendary singer Cher, this musical was made for all her die-hard fans. Learn more about Cher’s early life and what catapulted her into stardom. With its dazzling costumes and songs, the audience will feel like they’re watching a live concert.

Mean Girls: From the cult classic movie, previously homeschooled transfer student Cady Heron arrives at the scene and immediately attracts the attention of the school’s popular clique, “The Plastics,” consisting of Gretchen Weiner, Karen Smith and the Queen bee herself, Regina George. Follow Cady as she tries to make sense of the jungle that is high school.

Anastasia: The show is a new version of Century Fox’s, Anastasia. In the midst of the Russian Revolution, the Bolsheviks have killed off the Tsar and his family, except for his 17-year-old daughter, Anastasia, who manages to escape. Ten years later, handsome Dimitry and associate Vlad Popov, who used to work in the imperial court, plan to train a common girl and pass her off as the lost princess. Amnesia ridden orphan Anya is chosen as that girl and embarks on a journey of self-discovery to see if she may actually be the last grand duchess of Russia.

“My mom bought us tickets to go on the night of my birthday and I was ecstatic. I thought the sets and costumes were beautiful, the actors had the most incredible voices, and their character portrayals surpassed my expectations.”- Senior Daniella Pardo

Clueless: Based on the 1995 iconic film by the same name, we are introduced to popular high school student Cher Horowitz who wishes to impress her strict lawyer father. Along the way, she befriends new student Tai Frasier, and decides to help her fit in. With the help of her best friend Dionne Davenport, Cher transforms Tai into the new “it” girl, but not without causing Tai to lose her original personality and Cher’s life to spiral out of control.

School of Rock: Unemployed music enthusiast Dewey Finn is desperately trying to seek work to pay rent. One day, his friend Ned gets a call from the principal of the prestigious Horace Green school for a position as a substitute music teacher. Dewey, pretending to be Ned, accepts the job. When arriving, he realizes the students have no passion for music, and thus he makes it his goal to show them the “rock n’ roll way.”

Prom: When Illinois student Emma chooses to bring her same-sex partner to the prom, it causes controversy in her school district to the point where her prom is threatened to be canceled. On the east coast, lead cast members Dee Dee Allen and Barry Glickman star in a Broadway show, but are told that their performances do not resonate with the public since they are too involved with themselves. Disheartened by the reviews, they decide to make themselves seem selfless and eventually take up Emma’s cause.