Relationship rants: getting ghosted in the halls

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This is a new monthly column we are launching for people to share their thoughts about social life at Townsend Harris High School. This should speak to general aspects about social life at our school and avoid clearly discussing specific individuals or groups. We reserve the right to withhold publication if the topics do not seem common enough to apply to large groups of students. Otherwise, feel free to share your thoughts to

You’re walking down the third floor to your locker, friends chatting in every corner, and then you see the person you’ve been waiting to see. Your crush is standing at their locker with a group of friends, talking about the latest gossip. You glance over, casually wave and give them a smile. They see you, and turn back to their peering posse. You’ve been ignored.

It doesn’t make any sense. You guys snap each other every day, share study guides on Drive, and last night you even sent them the calculus homework. How could they ignore you? Then you start questioning everything. You wonder whether they’re embarrassed to talk to you around their friends, but then you realize that’s ridiculous.

If anything, your presence only adds to their clout. Maybe they don’t actually like you, but if that were the case they wouldn’t be sliding into your dm’s and swiping up on your story every time you post a cute pic of your dog.

The reality is: these people are cowards.

Someone will be willing to talk at all hours of the night on social media and then refuse to make eye contact in the hall. Why?

Because when it’s all at home and on a phone, nobody else knows what’s going on. It’s just the two of you.

But the moment that someone else might see what might be going on between the two of you, they act like you don’t exist.

Right now you are in the in between. You aren’t a “thing” but you both know what’s coming. Until you get there, said person will constantly fear rejection.

The saddest part is, they’re so scared to approach you that they send their friends as undercover detectives to get the deets on whether or not you actually like them.

You end up having more in person conversations with the wing(wo) man than the actual person you like, and that’s pathetic.

Let’s be real for a second. We’re playing ourselves here. The best way to get what you want is to go for it. Be bold.

Stop hiding behind your phone and your friends and actually talk to your crush. In. Real. Life.

Instead of sending them on an emotional rollercoaster of mixed messages.

Think of it this way, there was a time where cell phones and social media didn’t exist. If people could talk back then, you can do it now.

Now get out there and shoot your shot. The worst that can happen is rejection, but I think you can handle it. Good Luck!

Photo Courtesy of Amanda Renzi