Delicious Indian cuisine at Agra of Bayside

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All the time off from school these summer months has allowed me to sample many new restaurants. After a long and tedious search, I finally found the place I wanted to review: a fantastic Indian restaurant.

Agra of Bayside is a small eatery just off of Bell Boulevard on 39th Avenue. Although it has a plain facade, upon entry one is treated to a beautiful décor, with fancy tables and chairs as well as red walls and colorful artwork. The service was above average, with few delays and a kind, hard-working staff.

More importantly, however, the food was some of the best South Asian cuisine I’ve ever had. Since I went for lunch, I ordered the business lunch special and was presented with a smorgasbord. It started with some thin bread, a green dipping sauce, and spicy sliced onion. Then came the shrimp curry, basmati rice, sliced cabbage and dhal, or lentils. I also had ordered naan, a type of Indian flat bread. The amount of flavors that sat before me on the table was staggering. Some of the food was spicy; some was sweet, some salty. The portion sizes were very large, especially considering that it was lunchtime. My expectations were far exceeded, and I certainly would recommend this to anyone adventurous and in the mood for some great Indian food.

Agra of Bayside Indian Restaurant

213-35 39th Avenue
Bayside, NY 11361

Food: A

Service: A-
Décor: A

Overall: A