The Townsend Turtles back for another successful season

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The Townsend Harris girls’ swim team put on their swim caps and get their feet wet in preparation for the 2013 Fall Swim Season.

It’s been long since they last swam together as a team; however, the girls have been practicing all summer for this important upcoming season.

As senior Kate Schob puts it, “We start practicing for the upcoming swim season even before school starts, and we try to get in as much pool time as possible”. The girls know how much work needs to be put into every practice to maintain their high ranking; last year they finished second place with an 11-1 record.

The girls wasted no time in preparing for the season as some of them even helped their coach settle issues regarding what pool they’ll be using to practice since the Townsend Turtles, unfortunately, don’t have their own.

They held tryouts early in the season and welcomed all newcomers; they’ve since been working hard to better prepare them for the coming season. Although the Turtles have lost some of their senior swimmers, they are still confident that they will have a great season with their team spirit and will to win. Senior Sammi Kwok stated, “While we are losing some great members to college, we are expecting a huge batch of new swimmers this season.” As for preparations, Sammi is confident that coaches Jordan and Sally will “whip the team into shape in time for the coming season”.

Looks like these girls are ready to spend as much time in the pool as they possibly can to better prepare themselves for another successful season here at Townsend Harris.