Boys bowling continues season with no wins

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Art </a><figcaption id=Art by Parina Kaewkrajang.

On Wednesday, the boys bowling team faced off against Bayside High School to conclude their two away games at Whitestone Lanes for the week. The team lost 3-0 to Bayside, resulting in their ninth consecutive loss this season.

After losing the day before to Flushing High School, the team entered the game determined to grab their first victory of the season. Team A was composed of junior Caleb Hong, sophomore Brian Bayalon, senior John O’ Neill, and senior captain Daniel Wuest. Team B included freshman Kennis Kong, freshman Devesh Permanan, junior Daniel Sarabia, and junior Christopher E.

Throughout the entire game, the team struggled. Captain Daniel Wuest was unable to obtain spares and Team B fought to stay ahead of their opponents. Luckily, Caleb anchored the team with a strong performance. Caleb concluded Game A with a score of 143, the team’s highest for the night. At the conclusion of games A and B, the team had lost each game by at least 100 points. Caleb identified the issue as,“ controlling [the ball] and picking up important spares” for Team A and the lack of familiarity with the lanes for Team B.

Despite Bayside’s two wins, the team still bowled a Game C to give the team’s rookies more experience. Freshman Bernard Silverstein, freshman Amrinderjit Luther, Johnny, and Brian made up Team C. The team never caught fire, and there were at least a few gutterballs. Thus, the Hawks also lost Game C. Brian noted that “a lack of endurance and problems with the Whitestone house ball” contributed to his weak performance during the game.

Overall, the team repeated a pattern of starting well and finishing weak.

“Things happen, and Bayside caught up,” said Brian about today’s game. “We did good as a team,” commented Amrinderjit, “the problem was basically keeping the ball on the lane.”