The Turtles are back in the right lane

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It’s true, the beloved Townsend Harris girl’s swim team no longer has a perfect record. The Turtles lost their undefeated title to Francis Lewis High School last Thursday. On the bright side, however, the Townsend Turtles have successfully brought themselves back this past Tuesday, defeating Queens High School for Science for a second time.

In a close meet, the Turtles had a score of 44 while Queens High School for Science was right behind them with a score of 40 going into the last event. Thanks to the magnificent time from the 400 yard freestyle relay, the girls were able to gain 9 points to take the win.

Two exceptional performers in the 400 yard freestyle relay were Sophomore Victoria Wozny and Junior Parina Kaewkrajang.

“It felt really good to know that because of that relay we won the meet and I was very proud of me and my teammates. That feeling knowing that you accomplished something makes you feel good about yourself , knowing that you did the best that you could,” said Victoria.

During the start of the relay the Turtles were behind and there was a possible chance of losing first and second place, and a possible chance of loosing the entire meet. Luckily swimmers Victoria and Parina were able to pull through and catch up, giving the Turtles a win in both first and second place.

With a final score of 53-41, this victory is attributed to a team effort.  Every girl who participated in the meet had great impact on the team’s win.