¡De Mole Mexican Restaurant es muy bueno!

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De Mole, a small, authentic Mexican restaurant in Woodside, brings tasty flair to classic Mexican dishes. Mexican food for me has gone from just chips, salsa and tacos to tamales, mole and ceviche.

Dinner starts off with large, crunchy tortilla chips with a creamy and savory salsa. For appetizers, they have fresh guacamole, which is made-to-order and delicious, as well as their versions of the stereotypical taco salads and nachos. As for drinks, Mexican Coke, which is Coca-Cola made with real cane sugar and not high fructose corn syrup, is recommended. For entrées, de Mole has burritos, enchiladas, fajitas and other meat options.

The name of the eatery suggests an emphasis on the mole sauce, a dark and spicy chocolate sauce from the central and southern areas of Mexico, and Mole does not disappoint with the sauce; it shines in their best dishes. De Mole’s served this sauce poured over a chicken leg, along side rice, beans, and corn tortillas.  Two sauces, a savory green salsa verde and spicy red hot sauce, only add to the deliciousness of the food. Dessert options include coconut flan and rice pudding, and was a sweet ending to a great meal.

The interior of the ‘cantina’ is rustic, and patrons must go through a large red curtain to get inside the restaurant.The restaurant is split into two rooms, the first with a bar and a few tables and booths, and the other with brick walls, a tile floor, and more tables with small stools as seats. The service is normally very reliable and solid, with many different specials listed and very quick wait staff.

De Mole has two locations, one in Woodside and the other in Astoria. I would highly recommend it to any fans of Mexican food, or any type of food!Note, however, that parking can be difficult and the seating can be constrictive and tight.

De Mole Mexican Restaurant

45-02 48th Ave

Woodside, NY 11377

Food: A+

Service: A-

Décor: A-

Overall: A