2014 senior trip plans

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In late January, the senior class will be embarking on an adventure to take a break from school work and college applications: to the Honors Haven Resort.

According to Senior Advisor Maria Assante, “This year’s location changed from last year’s Pine Grove. Current seniors spoke to the class of 2013 and realized they wanted to try something else. Honors Haven had just completed millions of dollars in renovations so we decided to give it a chance.”

Some wanted a more extravagant trip, either the traditional ski trip or a week in Disneyland, but financial issues pose a problem. Ms. Assante said, “There aren’t many places to take a large group of students that work with many families budgets, our timeframe, et cetera. Senior year can get very expensive and a trip might be a costly luxury to many parents.”

Regardless of the attempt to make the trip more affordable for everyone, some students still feel the burden of the dues and will not be attending the trip.

With senior dues, sweaters, and events, the senior life can lead to a negative cash fund. Senior Samantha Velasquez says, “I realized that the senior trip is an unnecessary expense at the moment, and although it would be fun, it doesn’t make sense for me to pay for the trip since I’m already going to South Carolina for a weekend.”

However, many seniors, like Anthony Chen, are “ecstatic” about the trip and “can’t wait for the unlimited amount of food.”

“There are many things to look forward to on this trip: unlimited food, pools, spas, paintball, and a gym. Most of all, it is a weekend away.”

Senior Morgan Wu said, “I’m really excited! It’ll be nice to spend time with friends without the pressure of school and college apps.”

Andrew Mitchel says he even looks forward to the bus rides, as he’ll be able to “bond with friends more closely.”

“Most are very happy to be away with their friends and things that might usually bother them don’t seem that important when you’re away and having a good time,” says Ms. Assante, “You have to keep in mind that you can’t make everyone happy all the time and we try our best to make it as great as it can be.  Maybe everything isn’t perfect but everyone seems to have a great time and comes away with fun memories.”