Townsend Trends: Winter’s warmest (and coolest) scarves

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Fluctuating temperatures in the past few weeks have wreaked havoc on the morning routine of many high schoolers. Getting dressed for school in the early hours of the morning is hard enough for sleep-deprived students, and this wacky weather simply does not help. The most practical way of dressing for the weather, it seems, has been to utilize the technique of layering.

Light jackets and sweaters have proved to be favorites in the ensembles of many, but one popular layering trend has garnered significant attention from fashion-forward Townsend students: the traditional scarf.

The scarves worn by students range in fabrics, styles and patterns. The circle scarf is a very popular choice, and is worn in light cottons with wild, colorful designs, and also in chunky knits in solid, neutral hues. Other styles are fringed cashmere or gauzy patterned scarves, which are equally stylish and add a level of sophistication to any attire. Simple and practical, this easy-going staple is the perfect way to stay warm and cozy–especially when it feels like the polar vortex has made its way into your math classroom–or simply to polish off a casual, sleepy Monday ensemble.

Picture by Hallie Wolff.