A teacher’s response to “Where’s the tutoring?”

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Your editorial, “Where’s the tutoring?”, essentially asks teachers to offer their professional services and expertise pro bono.  Yet, I can think of no other public service employee that is asked to work for free.  Should police officers, whose job it is to protect citizens but are underpaid, work overtime fighting crime for free?  Would any parent of a student at THHS work overtime for free?  I am sure everyone is dedicated to their career, but choices have costs and benefits.  Clearly, Mayor Bloomberg and the DOE do not value what teachers do enough to provide the adequate resources needed.  Students and parents should be pressing their local officials to pass budgets that fund schools so the necessary support services can be provided to students who are in need of academic intervention services.  Students should look to models for activism and change and take to the streets en masse!

Many teachers already give generously of their time tutoring students before school, during lunch and after school.  Students who really need help will never find the door shut in their face by teachers at THHS.  And every AP is qualified to help students also.  Your editorial implies that students have been hurt academically, however, the report card grades overall do not support this.  Perhaps a more in depth investigation is necessary.