Girls kick off outdoor season with a plop

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The girls outdoor track team competed in their first meet of the spring season at Newtown High School as a part of the Spring Series, something that only occurs during high school outdoor season. On March 19, only high schools from all over Queens attended. Unlike most other high school competitive meets, this Spring Series events are less competitive and less important, only inviting teams of a certain borough, and thus, a smaller amount of competitors competed today. This event also doesn’t compare schools to other schools by their fastest times, but merely groups individual athletes with other high school runners.

According to Hannah Jang, today’s meet was very relaxed, saying, “Most people were just getting back into the feeling of outdoor since we had just spent a whole season competing indoors.” The girls all ran one event that day, and for Hannah, she tried out the 2,000 meter steeplechase for the first time, admitting that she fell on her first try. But her failed attempts didn’t let her down one bit. Instead, she said, “It was really fun and I think I will do it again.”

Senior captain Esther Jou was disappointed with her performance and strives to do even better in her main events, the triple jump and long jump. She blames it partly because of the poor weather conditions, adding, “It also proves how outdoor brings so many variables unlike indoor, such as the weather which controls our mind and bodies, making it difficult to predict the outcome of our best performance.” However, she also believes that more effort and dedication should be devoted to her field events in order for her to improve.

Senior Esther Jou races to the finish line. Photo by Yash Sharma.
Senior Esther Jou races to the finish line. Photo by Yash Sharma.