Boys volleyball starts the season with a victory

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By Catherine Ng

The advent of spring brings about the beginning of the boys volleyball season. On March 25, the THHS boys volleyball team faced off against the John Bowne Wildcats. Their first game of the season turned out to be a quick win. However, some players still see room for further improvement.

On the first set, the opposing team only managed to score six points before they were demolished by Harris’s many one-hit kills and aces, while the other team fumbled in their attempts to get some balls over the net, or even keeping the ball in bounds. In the second set, Bowne started out with a nice block after an attempted kill by junior Robert Davydov of THHS, and that earned them the first point of the set. Senior captain Michael Jazgarski and by senior Samuel Schrader delivered notable spikes. After a kill by freshman Daniell Morales, the game ended with a score of 25-20.

The team overall did very well, and were praised by coach Lauren Caiaccia who cried, “Good work!” before leading them into a huddle, and discussing certain techniques to work on and praising fellow rookies who participated today.

As to whether or not this was an easy victory for the team, junior Robert Davydov admits that it was, saying, “We were more ready and organized than the other team.” Senior Edward Lu, however said  He explains that it was important not to “underestimate other teams.” He further mentioned the team’s most difficult adversary this year, Benjamin N. Cardozo High School, adding, “They are a little weaker this year. We’re definitely optimistic.” He is also seeking their first division title this year.

Robert praised his nice kill this game, but also wants to working on serving, in which he says, “I’m not consistent.” Edward was proud of the middle hit he performed during the game, but also plans on working on his passes and playing multiple positions.

Michael praised the team for keeping their opponent under 10 points for the first set, but also wants to get the underclassman to be less shy and communicate more. He said, “I want them to speak up and not be afraid of the game.” Sophomore Yoonho Cha concluded, “Volleyball is a lot about communication.”