Boys handball: hit me with your best shot, fire away!

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On April 24, the THHS boys handball faced off against Grover Cleveland High School at Kissena Corridor Park. It was a stunning finish, resulting in a 4-1 win for THHS.

Freshmen Alex Lai and Wan Hi Choi partnered for a doubles match against Grover Cleveland seniors Alfonso Mota and Brandon Nunez. However, he and Wan Hi still sought to enhance their skills on court by winning with a score of 21-0.

The next doubles team for THHS had freshmen Alvin Hsu and Thomas Chu stepping up to play. Despite several fumbles by the two underclassmen, they managed to beat the opposing team by 21-10. As specified by Thomas, “I kind of messed up and dragged on the game by not attacking the ball and not returning a few serves correctly.” Alvin also mentioned, “I want to improve on my left hand because it is not my dominant one and it seems to be my flaw,” complaining that he missed several shots because of his left hand.

Junior doubles player David Chen had to play singles for this home match because two of the singles players, senior Steven Wen and junior captain Stanley Li, were unable to play due to certain complications. He managed to defeat senior Gordon Ho 21-9. As David Chen explains, “[The opponent] messed up on a lot of his serves so I was able to get up and score points.” Even despite thinking he “played poorly,” he also mentions that he was also practicing his low serves as advised by Coach Jonathan Cubillos, to prepare him as a third singles player next year.

Junior singles player Jacky Teoh was able to easily defeat Luis Huertas. Jacky states that his opponent was very sore, which was partly why he defeated him 21-8. He also replies that his serves helped him a lot. According to Jacky, “My serves were shallow and angled a lot to the left, and it’s fast, so I aced him a lot.”

In this game, junior captain Stanley Li did not compete in this game due to a torn muscle injury. Despite being unable to play, he helped out his teammates instead. He commented, “As I watched, I coached them into what they should do and what they should not do.” He even praised them warmly by adding, “They are well aware of their strengths and weaknesses which is a good thing, so I think that all we need as a team is time to practice and hone our skills and we’ll eventually get better.” When asked whether he wanted to mention players that he thought were notable, he simply laughed, saying, “The people on the team are all notable!” His teammates were also extraordinarily proud of their team members. As commented by Alex Lai, “We were extremely happy with the outcome because we all played well and won our games.” He compliments on fellow team member Jacky for playing well, and hoping to emulate his “powerful serve.”