Peace out comrades

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Acceptance letters have gone out, tears have been shed, and most seniors are ready to start the next chapter of their lives.

Now that seniors have made their college decisions, they can offer helpful advice to underclassmen.

“We associate a lot with the underclassmen, and I think that’s important; we are here to help advise them on their way towards senior year,” remarked senior Danielle Williams.

For instance, a majority of them believe that the best way to decrease college stress is to start early.

Senior Catherine Vozikis said, “Start in the summer, think about what colleges you want to go to and visit the campuses as soon as possible. Start the college essay during this time as well, and it might even help to make multiple drafts.”

Other seniors began to reminisce about their experiences at Townsend, recounting old memories and analyzing their four years here. Senior Sanela Begani said, “I’m going to miss the friendships I’ve created over the years in Townsend. I’ve met a few people who I can honestly say have shaped me into the person I’ve become.”

In reflection, many seniors considered the Ephebic Oath, which they took in freshman year.

Senior Elizabeth Williams noted, “While I never got involved enough to leave my city greater than I found it, I think I’ve done a good job of helping my comrades in the ranks.” Other seniors found the oath to be a simple, noble mode of conduct. Senior Anthony Chairenza commented, “The easiest way to fulfill the Ephebic Oath is to help your friends in little ways.”

All in all, the seniors are thankful for their experience here at Townsend Harris. Senior Samantha Kwok, attending Pratt Institute next fall, is among them. These past four years have taught her to develop a “strong work ethic and a sense of responsibility that set [her] apart,” something that many Harrisites remain proud of long after graduation.