My Everything features everything but the kitchen sink

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Everyone seems to have a massive obsession with Ariana Grande these days. She is frequently compared to Mariah Carey, and it’s easy to see why. Yours Truly, released last year, is full of the pseudo-90s R&B and vocal acrobatics that Carey’s known for. My Everything, on the other hand, has Grande trying to fit in with the current pop trends while retaining her diva-esque voice.

After an angelic, almost acapella “Intro” comes the hit single of the summer, “Problem,” featuring Iggy Azalea. The saxophone loop makes this song annoyingly catchy, although Big Sean’s whispering makes me slightly uncomfortable. “One Last Time” has Grande experimenting with EDM-type beats that are all the rage now, and it works well with her powerful voice. “Why Try,” produced by Ryan Tedder, sounds exactly like every Ryan Tedder produced song from the last 5 years (“XO,” “Halo,” “Counting Stars”). She goes back to a generic EDM beat in “Break Free,” where she declares, “I’ve become who I really are” – who needs grammar when you have Zedd?

“Best Mistake” is one of the more interesting songs on the album, with the moody, rainy beat providing a great backdrop for Grande’s purring and Big Sean’s corny but somewhat pleasing verse. Even though I can’t understand anything in “Be My Baby,” the beat is too catchy for me to care. Ariana shows she has a slight sense of humor with the Notorious B.I.G. sampling in “Break Your Heart Right Back,” where Childish Gambino reveals that Ariana’s lover is cheating on her with another boy. Surprisingly, The Weeknd’s voice melds well with hers on the passionate duet “Love Me Harder.”

The worst song on the album is definitely “Just A Little Bit of Your Heart,” which sounds like something an angsty 12-year-old girl would hire someone to write (actually written by Harry Styles). “Hands on Me” starts off promising, reminiscent of a Missy Elliot song, but quickly descends into mediocrity with ASAP Ferg’s out-of-place verse. The closing song, with the same title as the album, is another love ballad showing off her voice.

As for the bonus tracks, everyone has heard the jazzy hit “Bang Bang” with Jessie J and Nicki Minaj.

“You Don’t Know Me” is completely forgettable, but “Only 1” is a personal favorite due to its hip-hop influences.