New alumni logo revealed

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Logo designed </a><figcaption id=Logo designed by David Zarowin

This year, Founders’ Day marked the 30th anniversary of the reopening of Townsend Harris High School, as well as the revealing of a new logo. There was a contest in the school, organized with the help of art teacher Margherita Wischerth to decide the winning logo. Craig L. Slutzkin, the co-president of the THHS Alumni Association, announced that junior David Zarowin’s design will be used as the Alumni’s official symbol of the 30th anniversary of the reopening of the school.

The contest was open to all students in the school. Ms. Wischerth picked the semi-finalists from a total of 30 entries.

“We were looking for a logo that reflects the school and its humanities-based education,” she said.

Ms. Wischerth then sent the designs to the THHS Alumni Board of Directors, who voted on the winner of the contest.

David was surprised that he won the contest. He explained that all of the images in his logo have meaning: “The tree represents rebirth, the hands at the bottom represent the multi-cultural student body, and the original logo is in the center.”

He continued, “I thought about the characteristics of THHS – it’s very multicultural. And since it’s a rebirth the tree was a natural idea.”

David described the process of creating the logo, “It took me a few days, and I did not have any extensive prior experience. But I have experience manipulating images, for power points and videos.”

THHS currently has two logos: one from the previous school closed in 1944, and one created upon the school’s reopening in 1984.

The Alumni Association was clear that thenew logo will not be replacing the current logos, but instead will be representing them and the 30th anniversary of the reopening of the school.