Life of Little Pie

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THIS SEASON, you can make the holidays as easy as pie by ordering a delicious homemade pie from Little Pie Company.

Little Pie Company is a bakery that originated in New York in 1985. Located in Manhattan near Port Authority, the shop is known to make some of the best-tasting and freshest pies in the city. The company and its pies have been featured in various publications including The Oprah Magazine, Time Magazine, and even The New York Times. Some of their pies have even appeared on the Food Network Channel. With the store having received so much praise, I had to go check it out.

While I was there, I tried three of their featured pies for the month of November, including the classic Pumpkin Pie, the scrumptious Sweet Potato Pie, and the unique Sour Cream Apple Walnut Pie.

The Pumpkin Pie was simplistic, yet delightful. It had a traditional appearance with a ruffle edged golden crust. The pumpkin filling was of a warm orange brown color reminiscent of the changing autumnal leaves. The pie was sumptuous, with its all natural ingredients. You can distinctly taste the pumpkin, and the dash of cinnamon spice enhances the flavor without dominating. It is also not too sweet. The texture of the filling is velvety, creamy, and moist. The crust is infused with butter, making it aromatic, but neither oily nor heavy. When heated, this pie absolutely warms the soul.

The Sweet Potato Pie is similarly modest in aesthetic appeal, but full of flavor. It is made with the same crust used for the Pumpkin Pie. However, the filling is a brighter orange color. The top of the Sweet Potato Pie has cracks, giving it a more homemade feel, unlike the Pumpkin Pie, which has a smooth surface. The filling is incorporated with dairy, making it moist and more flavorful. The texture is somewhat lumpy, but still soft. Every bite of this pie is decadent, airy, and heavenly.

Finally, the Sour Cream Apple Walnut Pie, which is considered one of the best apple pies in New York by Daily News and Best of New York, has lots of character. It is completely different from the other two pies. The crust is a deep golden brown color, and the pie is composed of two layers: the bottom contains Granny Smith apples, and on top there is a layer of cinnamon, brown sugar, and chopped walnuts. It looks exactly like the kind of pie your grandmother would bake.

The store itself has an old retro American diner feel with its red couches and red counter top tables. As soon as you walk in, you can see the display case full of pastries. To the left there is a bar, and to the right there are booths to sit at, and further in is where all the baking happens. Located near Times Square and in the theater district, it is a wonderful little place to relax and have dessert after a long day.

However, the pies are somewhat pricy. You can order pies by the slice for $4 each. You can have it a la Mode with the addition of ice cream to each slice for $5.50 total. Whole pies start off at $8 for a five-inch tart, and can reach up to $30 for a ten-inch pie, depending on the flavor. Although it is a little expensive, the pies are high quality and worth it.

If you’re in need of a pie this season, you can order pies online, and pick it up at the shop (more details on the website). Even if you don’t need to get a pie for the holidays, Little Pie Company is an exquisite shop to visit if you’re around the area.