Townsend Harris Defeats Grover Cleveland

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Townsend Harris faced off against Grover Cleveland in its second game with them this season, winning the game with a score of 46-28. This places the team in fourth place in the Queens A West League Division, with John Bowne leading the division with 11 wins, and Cardozo at 3rd place, leading THHS by one win.

At the very beginning of the first quarter, junior Tanja Miketic grabbed possession of the ball. Despite this early possession, at the end of the first quarter, THHS was leading by only a few points. However, with the encouragement of coach Caiacca and the crowd, THHS was able to take a large lead by the end of the second quarter.

Throughout the game, coach Caiaccia gathered in several group huddles, giving them important reminders, giving advice such as “Follow through your shot.” In another case, she told the players, “We need to pick up the intensity in offense,” and also advised them, “Don’t take so much time standing around while you guys have possession of the ball. Let’s get more shots up.”

During the third quarter, there were some memorable moments. Senior captain Debra Chan managed to score a two point shot while blocked by two people and scored several three pointers throughout the game.

The fourth quarter also ended favorably for THHS, despite letting the opposing team catch up by 15 points. Senior Jennifer Jacob, who joined varsity basketball this year, scored 2 points for the team in this quarter, and in the end, THHS won. This made some of the later visitors to the game, such as Principal Barbetta, very pleased, and he personally came up to coach Caiaccia to congratulate her on the team’s win.

Senior Diamond Moody, who came up to play during the third and fourth quarter, thought the team “worked together very well.” She conceded, “the ball movement was good, and we had nice communication.”

Freshman Aliana Brkanovic, who scored some tough shots during the game, thought that the team could have performed better, saying, “Everyone has things they need to work on,” mentioning missed shots as an example. “Sometimes it’s just miscommunication,” she explains. As for personal improvements, she described, “I want to focus more on every aspect of the game, and know what I’m doing.” Although, like Diamond, she also believed that the team performed well.