STEM additions

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NEXT YEAR, the Science department will offer a three year course for students who wish to pursue a career in engineering.

In discussing the start of the new class, Assistant Principal of Math, Science, and Technology Susan Brustein remarked, “We’re relabeling and tweaking the curriculum because not everyone wants to be roboticists, and are [more interested] in engineering. This is also to expose them so they know what they want to do later in life, which is the point of high school.”

The course, which will be taught by Physics teacher Joel Heitman, is designed to educate students on the many facets of engineering, including Computer Aid Design (CAD) and mechanical engineering.

Ultimately, students should be able to take a certifcation exam that will enable them to work in the industry, should they qualify for an internship.

Mr. Heitman revealed that his class will be a more interactive one in which students will be required to build “actual working models.”

Regarding the benefits of taking his class, he added, “New doors will be opened to the students in the engineering feld, where some students might decide that a career path in engineering is something they might wish to attempt.”

While it may be to the advantage of students to commit to this course for three years, it is not required.

“We want our students to accelerate and be fluid. You should do something you’re into,” Mrs. Brustein explained.

Several students have expressed their interest in exploring the field of engineering.

Junior Nick Laikhram, who attends the ACE Mentor Program, stated, “If I had the engineering class as a freshman, it would’ve helped give me background knowledge for my internship.”

There are many rigorous expectations for this newly introduced course. Ms. Brustein added, “We believe the class will be challenging. Students will learn a lot about engineering and even themselves, which is why we have this three-year course.”