College Resource Room Coming

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Now that hall decorating is over with, the third floor, also referred to as the “senior floor,” is being redecorated once again. However, this time the changes are less temporary with the Guidance team planning on creating a room dedicated just to helping students research colleges.

Though more renovations are coming, as of now, new furniture has been added to the college readiness room in the guidance office.

Guidance Counselor Sara Skoda discussed the motive behind the freshly renovated room, “We had never really had a resource center for college related materials. It was an idea that came about when we would go to workshops at other schools because we’d see areas designated for college necessities. We realized Townsend lacked such an environment.”

The dedicated area will allow students to research college options in a professional atmosphere. The new furniture is only the first step, according to Ms. Skoda, who stated, “It’s not 100% ready. There are a couple more things to do, like possibly paint the room and [add more resources].”