Letter to the editor: show us your sources

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The Classic has received a letter to the editor that we would like to publish. Note: this letter was written before IA Principal Rosemarie Jahoda confirmed our reporting on her conversation about standing in the hallways that we had previously reported on in a recent article.

To the Editor of The Classic,

It would be an understatement to say that the appointment of Interim-Principal Jahoda has caused controversy among Townsend Harris students. The discontent of the students is evident across social media and I am assuming that it is also prevalent throughout the schools. Current students complain of the numerous things that Principal Jahoda has changed throughout the school which are too eclectic for me to recall. However, I have noticed that there have been absolutely zero proof to support the most damaging of the accusations: that she has been disrespectful to both teachers and students alike. As I read the accusations levied against her on social media, I was provided with anecdotes of instances it happened, never with a definitive location, time, and person involved. The last letter-to-the-editor was also guilty of such anecdotal evidence, claiming that they had “irrefutable evidence” as well as quotes from “sources”. The “irrefutable evidence” was not provided and the “sources” were never verified for their credibility or even their existence. Though one might reply that these “sources” are too afraid to speak, Principal Jahoda has the right to confront her accusers. Likewise, Principal Jahoda has no responsibility to prove her innocence; it is her accusers (i.e. the students and faculty involved) to prove that she is mistreating them. Instead, what is occurring is that Principal Jahoda is being defamed by hearsay. In conclusion, until definitive evidence emerges of Principal Jahoda’s abuse toward students and faculty, she cannot be overlooked for the post as the next Principal of Townsend Harris solely based on the actions she may or may not have committed.

-[A member of the] Alumni of Townsend Harris