Chancellor responds to parent regarding C-30 process

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C-30 UPDATE: At an earlier Panel for Educational Policy (PEP) meeting, Freshman-Sophomore President Max Kurant and Parent Teacher Association Co-President Edward Lam brought their concerns to the Chancellor regarding the C-30 Process. At the meeting, Ms. Fariña said, “there should be a resolution within 2-3 weeks.”  As of yesterday, three weeks have passed and there is still no announcement as to who will become the permanent principal of Townsend Harris. Many expected an announcement to be made before break so there could be a transition if Interim Acting Principal Rosemarie Jahoda is replaced. According to the C-30 regulations, Superintendent Elaine Lindsey has until early May to make a decision.

Yesterday, however, Chancellor Fariña did respond via email to a concerned member of the community who thanked Ms. Fariña for saying that letting the C-30 process take its course is the way to “promote democracy.” The writer of the email expressed their belief that the candidate who received the most support from the Level 1 Committee should earn the position of permanent principal at THHS “in true democratic fashion.” Chancellor Fariña responded by stating,  “This will work out.”