The Student-Run Newspaper of Townsend Harris High School at Queens College

The Classic

The Student-Run Newspaper of Townsend Harris High School at Queens College

The Classic

The Student-Run Newspaper of Townsend Harris High School at Queens College

The Classic

Jurassic World is middle-of-the-food-chain fun

Jason Lalljee June 10, 2015

This is what a tentpole studio blockbuster looks like in the year 2015: character archetypes with which audiences can identify and are familiar, visual effects and money shots that favor marketing viability...

An inside look at “Inside Out”

Jennifer Walsh May 8, 2015

Pixar's latest film, Inside Out, dares to explore uncharted territory inside the human mind. The film, featuring five main emotions of a young girl in a new city, stars Amy Poehler as Joy, Bill Hader as...

Kevin Costner and Jim White discuss McFarland, USA

Jennifer Walsh February 16, 2015

McFarland, USA follows the true story of a cross-country coach and his underdog team’s journey to success, set in one of the poorest towns in America. Jim White, the coach at the center of the film,...

Can teens be in love?

Tiffany Huang January 28, 2015

Restrictions define our lives. Specifically for teens, age restrictions placed upon us by society limit our every action: 21 to drink, 18 to vote, and 16 to start learning how to drive. There is...

Taylor Swift’s latests “shakes off” cold-weather gloom

Jennifer Walsh November 17, 2014

Most of the time, when an artist announces their first pop album, it’s met with passing interest until its release. Most of the time, these people are not Taylor Swift. The Grammy winner’s first pop...

Big Hero 6 is a big smash

Jason Lalljee November 14, 2014

Disney’s Big Hero 6 is a fantastically syncretic vision on multiple levels. Not only does it manage to pique the interest of animation fans, the hook being its blend of Eastern and Western animation...

Lucy is a mindless thriller

Jennifer Walsh July 25, 2014

If humans use only ten percent of their Brian's capacity, what would happen if one was able to use more? Luc Besson's new thriller Lucy tries and fails to answer this question in thought-provoking and...

Mad Men goes Major League in clichéd, distasteful sports drama

Jason Lalljee May 15, 2014

It really isn’t that difficult to tell an interesting baseball story—whether you’re gearing towards the sentimental, as Field of Dreams or the calculating and contemplative, which Moneyball managed...

Why Hulu must revive Community, ASAP

Jennifer Walsh May 10, 2014

On May 9, NBC shocked many with the announcement that it would cancel cult favorite Community after five seasons, ending the show's long-running joke of making it to "six seasons and a movie." Though the...

Captain America 2 is a smash

By Anna St. Clair April 19, 2014

With the amount of superhero movies that are released in a given year, it is a challenge for each to remain original and relevant. Even the first Captain America film felt like the typical superhero origin...

Q&A with Daria Snadowsky

March 26, 2014

Daria Snadowsky is an author of two young adult novels, Anatomy of a Boyfriend and Anatomy of a Single Girl, which deal with the tough choices teenagers must make. She recently sat down with A&E...

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