The Student-Run Newspaper of Townsend Harris High School at Queens College

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The Student-Run Newspaper of Townsend Harris High School at Queens College

The Classic

The Student-Run Newspaper of Townsend Harris High School at Queens College

The Classic

From the Editors: The role of a student newspaper

The Editors February 4, 2014
One of our hopes as editors of a student newspaper is that our content, while being widely received, also enables readers to express informed opinions, whether they involve the politics of our school’s administrative decisions or the shared experiences of the student body.

A Final Goodbye to Mr. Duke

Helen M. Rizzuto February 4, 2014
I eagerly anticipated the article about our beloved Marc Duke. Perhaps it would finally explain why a man who had devoted his life to service, to bettering and saving countless lives over the years, and who as recently as just before winter break, had told the administration he was eager to volunteer as a consultant and ease the burden on the Guidance department, would not be coming back. The article made very clear why Mr. Duke will not be back, but the facts were contradictory, and at best, misleading.

A teacher’s response to “Where’s the tutoring?”

Franco Scardino February 4, 2014
Your editorial, “Where’s the tutoring?”, essentially asks teachers to offer their professional services and expertise pro bono. Yet, I can think of no other public service employee that is asked to work for free. Should police officers, whose job it is to protect citizens but are underpaid, work overtime fighting crime for free? Would any parent of a student at THHS work overtime for free?

Nothing wrong with Science at THHS: Science is Humanities

Yarim Lee February 4, 2014
It has come to my attention that science is not fully respected in our school for preposterous reasons. Humanists and scientists around the world are plead- ing for a balance in science and humanities. Even our science staff members, such as Ms. Brustein, Ms. Oberlander, and Mr. Porzio, support the “science is humanities” movement as they endorse the school’s science newsletter which took on the motto of “science is humanities."

A haven of bilingualism at Harris

Ann Kochupurackal January 17, 2014
Knowing that Queens is one of the most diverse areas in New York, one should not be surprised that Townsend Harris houses many different ethnicities and languages. At Harris, being bilingual is seen as an advantage by most people.

“Selfies” make it big in 2013, enter the OED

Ann Kochupurackal, Hema Venkata, and Kristin Cour December 20, 2013
Ducks, blowfish, and backhanded peace signs. Though seemingly unrelated, these three things share a common trait: they are each the basis for a different kind of “selfie,” the type of photograph that has been named Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year.

Seasonal drinks come to town

Angelika Narewski and Sarah Ebbrecht December 20, 2013
The joy of the holidays is all around—and increasingly that joy spreads from the refreshingly brisk weather and the twinkling lights to the espresso drinks available for your indulgence.
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