The Student-Run Newspaper of Townsend Harris High School at Queens College

The Classic

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The Student-Run Newspaper of Townsend Harris High School at Queens College

The Classic

The Student-Run Newspaper of Townsend Harris High School at Queens College

The Classic


May Articles

  1. Major bell schedule change ahead for 2013-2014
  2. Student Union elections usher in new faces, ideas
  3. Harrisites present research at Intel, Yarim Lee wins cash prize
  4. Harrisites share views on gender stereotypes
  5. How Harrisites hit the books
  6. Teachers victorious against students in basketball game
  7. Where are all the football players, cheerleaders, and boys swimmers?
  8. New safety agent joins Harris community
  9. Harrisites respond to WiFi access in school
  10. Juniors take celebratory trip to see Gatsby

April Articles

  1. 2013-2014 bell schedule under review, major changes likely
  2. The Bee gets an ‘A’ from audiences and participants
  3. Mayoral candidates talk jobs, education at QC debate
  4. Poll: 1 in 10 regularly refrain from pledging their allegiance
  5. Harrislam slams contenders at 2013 MIST NY
  6. Talents on display at fundraising show for Haiti
  7. Japanese sister school returns
  8. Robotics team triumphant
  9. Queens College implements new security policies after robbery
  10. Gatsby at THHS

February/March Articles

  1. FON 2013 performs for larger crowd in new location
  2. New policy for first marking period report cards
  3. Assemblywoman Rozic returns to THHS for swearing in
  4. Science olympiad team accelerates to the top
  5. Changes in junior college trip
  6. The Standardized Decision
  7. The bands between bands: how the bell music is selected
  8. Tumblr ‘micro-blogging’ takes over THHS
  9. Club Spotlight: the GSA brings students together

January’s Articles

  1. Assumptions about recycling lead to wasted efforts
  2. Phoenix Silver Lining reading diversifies offerings
  3. Students join event to memorialize lives lost at Sandy Hook
  4. The lives of teachers: hidden talents, hobbies and pasts
  5. While students cope without SPARK, Duke returns to THHS
  6. Preparing for intruders: new lockdown drills at THHS
  7. Club Spotlight: Project Spirit offers helping hand to those in need

December’s Articles:

  1. Grace Meng discusses election victory
  2. The Classic meets Assemblyman-elect Ron Kim
  3. Semores SING their way to the top
  4. New school lunch policies stir controversy
  5. February break cut short for NYC schools due to Sandy
  6. Harrisites share their stories of immigrating to the USA
  7. Free the Children works to better the lives of kids worldwide
  8. A spotlight on student interests: Manga mania

November’s Articles:

  1. Sandy brings chaos to East Coast, school community
  2. THHS contributes to relief efforts for Sandy’s victims
  3. Obama, Democrats win big in Election Simulation
  4. Barack Obama wins second term with 332 electoral votes
  5. Special Interest Groups rally voters to their causes
  6. Abandoned bunny becomes official Harrisite
  7. Ping Pong Club serves up new enrichment opportunities
  8. Moskos wins at “Newsies”

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