Fashion Friday: Nike vs. Adidas

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One of the many unwritten rules of fashion is that no one is allowed to wear Nike and Adidas at the same time. You must pick one or the other. Anyone who doesn’t follow this rule will be frowned upon. But where did this rivalry start? Just like any other brands, Nike and Adidas are endorsed by big time athletes and celebrities.

Through a poll on Instagram, the students of Townsend Harris preferred. Out of the 158 people who voted, 87 said they preferred Nike while 71 said they preferred Adidas. Sophomore Katrina Dydzuhn said, “I prefer Adidas more because of their consistency. They follow their ‘brand with the three stripes’ and incorporate that throughout their clothes. I also like how within the brand they have inclusive collections such as the LGBTQ line.” Sophomore Melina Kostopoulos agreed and said, “I like how Adidas incorporates their logo and makes it unique to each item of clothing. Sometimes the logo will be used within a pattern or will vary in size in color throughout.”

Sticking with the idea of consistency, sophomore Zach Fisher said, “With Adidas, I am the same size no matter the article of clothing but with Nike it’s kind of a gamble. If one size fits me well in pants, there is no guarantee that a different style of pants will fit the same way.” The only one you disagreed was sophomore Olivia Jablonski who said, “I actually like Nike better. I find them more affordable and more comfortable. I’m a big fan of simple designs and Nike keeps their designs and style minimalistic.” No matter which brand you prefer, both are reasonably priced and offer an alternative look to anyone’s style.

Street fashion is one of the biggest trends of 2017, and its popularity has continued well into 2018 with brands like Supreme and Off-White taking over. However, these brands are quite pricey for the average American in their teens and twenties. Although these brands are appealing, the reality is no one can afford it. Slightly more affordable brands such as Nike and Adidas grew in popularity as this “street-style” was found virtually everywhere.

Nike and Adidas have always been popular brands that everyone loved but only recently have these brands been worn not just for working out. All over the streets, you can find people wearing Adidas bomber jackets and Nike crop tops which is definitely not workout attire.

In 1997, Adidas unveiled a new trefoil logo which accompanied their line called “Adidas Originals.” This is a seperate sector of the Adidas brand that strays away from workout attire and running shoes and focuses more on style and streetwear. Within the Originals brand you can find Adidas Superstars among other shoes that are purely for style and offer no support for your feet whatsoever. You can also find Adidas selling dresses and good-quality graphic tees. These are casual clothes you where out and about but certainly not to the gym.

Nike is also attracted by the streetwear demographic. Nike’s clothing has expanded but not to the extent that Adidas has. At Nike you can find crop tops and this certain shoe model called the Nike Huarache. Many “sneakerheads” own at least one pair of these sneakers and although they are advertised as a running sneaker, professionals highly recommend you do not run with Huaraches. Notably, Nike actually bought out Converse in 2003 but only within the past year did they merge the websites together, which is when people began noticing. Once again, Converse sneakers are no way suitable for running or any workouts that require you to move your feet.