Flushing gets a taste of Japan: Daiso’s grand opening

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By Kelsey Zhen, Staff Writer

Daiso, one of the most popular Japanese dollar stores in Asia, opened its first East Coast location on March 8. Located in The Shops at Skyview Center in the heart of Flushing, Daiso attracted a large number of people for its unique Japanese merchandise at especially low prices.

Daiso carries more than 70,000 products in store, including Japanese snacks, stationary items, beauty products, homegoods, and more. Inside, customers can expect a unique Japanese environment with employees speaking to each other in Japanese and product labels with Yen currency. Daiso’s motto is for customers to “find surprises and fun” while keeping all products priced around $2. Senior Kimberly Lau, who went on Friday’s grand-opening, said that “the cheap priced items drew [her] attention” and ended up buying various Japanese snacks for a total of $7 after “waiting on line for at least 30 minutes.” One of these snacks, Okinawa Brown Sugar Bread, could only be bought online from third-party sellers outside of Daiso. Yet, this store wasn’t always as popular as it is now.  

After gaining popularity from Youtube videos featuring Daiso’s low priced items in Japan, the franchise opened several locations along the West Coast starting in 2005. Daiso finally came to New York after solidifying a profitable economy in Texas. According to newquest.com, Yoshihide Murta, vice president of Daiso California LLC, says that potential locations after New York are Georgia and New Jersey. This will extend their franchise to over 3,660 stores worldwide. Along with  the recent opening of Teso Life, a Japanese convenience store on Roosevelt Avenue, many can expect to see an increase in Japanese products throughout Flushing.