Queens College implements new security policies after robbery

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A view of the Queens College library. Photo by Asia Acevedo.

In response to a campus robbery that took place on February 28, the Queens College Public Safety Department has increased its security policies. A guard is now stationed on the path between the track and Queens Hall, where the robbery occurred, and the department has increased security vehicle patrols and random ID checks in the area.

The two culprits, who threatened a Queens College student at knifepoint and stole his cell phone, cash, and Social Security card, were arrested by Public Safety roughly 24 hours after the incident with the help of a surveillance camera.

They were charged with Criminal Trespass, Possession of a Weapon, and Robbery in the Second Degree.

The Director of Queens College Public Safety, Pedro Pineiro, said that the new policies had “already been in the pipeline” since Queens College obtained the CUNY School of Law.

Although the change in security policies was provoked, he added that the department is always examining the number of officers on duty, security coverages, and allocated posts.

“Security is not a static entity,” said Mr. Pineiro. “It must continuously adapt to an ever changing environment.”

Although Principal Anthony Barbetta is satisfied with the new security policies, as well as Townsend Harris’s relations with the Queens College police department, he adds that part of personal safety lies with the individual, and that the policies don’t mean we should “let our guard down.”

“The reality is that you have to be aware that crime can happen anywhere,” he said. “The best policy is to always be visible and active.”

Junior Tahsin Akanda agrees and feels that although the increased security makes students feel safer, the incident should be a lesson for “the fact that we should always be aware of not only surroundings, but also ourselves, with regard to our actions and belongings.”