As spring starts, some excited that ‘Winter is Coming’

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Townsend Harris will find that winter is coming to stay. “Game of Thrones” season 8 will premiere on April 17 and students are excited yet devastated for the show’s final season. The official trailer recently dropped, leaving fans to speculate how ¨the events will unfold” while others are wondering which detestable character will die first.

For those not following the show, the plot revolves around the powerful families of Westeros competing for the iron throne, a symbol of power and their justification to rule over the seven kingdoms. They will go to great lengths to ensure their heirs be made the ruler, even if it means bloodshed. What follows includes details from the already premiered seasons, so stop reading if you are not caught up and want to avoid any spoilers.

In the trailer we see the mother of dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, arriving at Winterfell with her new beau, Jon Snow, and their army. Meanwhile, the Night King is advancing to turn the world into ice zombies. Enemies must begrudgingly form alliances in order to prevent their doom.

In response to the forthcoming season premiere, senior Grace Chang commented, “First off, the whole Daenerys and Jon relationship is conflicting for me because I know they’re aunt and nephew and it’s wrong to ship them but at the same time they look so good together.” She added, “I can’t wait to see what role Arya plays in all of this. I love Lena Headey but it’s time for Cersei to go.”

Senior Ralph Rodriguez said, “Since I’m a fan of war battles in film, I’m definitely looking forward to the battle between the living and the white walkers. I’ve heard that this scene is going to be the longest battle scene in cinematic history. I have a feeling that Cersei is going to lose her life. Although she’s fierce and knows how to play the game of thrones, I feel that this season will be her breaking point.”

Junior Nylah Odom said, “I’m excited for the dragons to come and fight against the Night King’s army. I want to see the events unfold. I just hope Jon Snow doesn’t die because he’s my hubby. I prefer Cersei to be killed off instead.”

Game of Thrones is a show adapted from the George R. R. Martin book series. However, this season has been especially anticipated because it will show the conclusion of the series before the book does. Anything is fair game, but with the show’s reputation for killing off your favorite characters, it’s understandable why people would keep their guard up.