Old-school pizza in Howard Beach: New Park Pizza

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By Matthew Merino, Staff Writer 

A mainstay in Howard Beach, New Park Pizza is sure to please with a great New York-style pizza, made to order.  Although there is a very limited selection of items you can order, most of them are executed perfectly, all made from scratch.  If you are tired of eating the same old Gino’s pizza down the road and looking for some quality top-notch pizza within the area, then this is the place for you.

At New Park Pizza, the pizza dough used has a different consistency than in most pizza places, but improves the flavor of even the plain slice greatly, with a good covering of pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese. Toppings are optional at an extra charge, but the main attraction is the pizza itself.  Although the Sicilian slice could be skipped, the round pie is a must-have if you go to New Park. It is also recommended to get the calzone; with the savory filling of ricotta and mozzarella; the covering of pizza dough not only gives texture but also produces a distinct pizza dough taste when biting into it.  Although New Park Pizza charges above-average prices of $3.00 for a slice, $18.50 for a pie, the quality can largely contrast with other pizzas around the five boroughs.

When enjoying their coal-oven baked pizza, I would suggest eating it there to savor the quality of the pizza.  However, if you are in a rush, you could take it to go at the take-out counter on the patio facing Cross Bay Boulevard.  Sorry credit card users, but cash only! New Park Pizza also closes at midnight every day, so if you are craving pizza late at night and your local pizzeria is closed, stop by New Park Pizza for a quality slice.