Ms. Lopera returns

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By Huzayfah Awan, Farah Haq, Richard Lu, Micah Sandy, Cesar Torales, Emily Torres

After a year-long maternity leave, world languages teacher Caroline Lopera has returned has returned to Townsend Harris for the 2019-2020 school year.  

“I am happy to be back, because it’s a very good and special school,” Ms. Lopera said. “I am happy to see my colleagues again, who I worked with for a very long time, [as well as] new ones, and the kids.”  

As expected, Ms. Lopera’s absence last year resulted in various changes, many of which affected French 1, 2 and Spanish 2 classes. Those programmed with Ms. Lopera were instead taught by several long-term substitutes. Ms. Sierra was one of many teachers to take on this role and Ms. Lopera felt that “she did well, since she was a French teacher, and [felt] like people don’t realize that because she was a Spanish [teacher].”  

Assistant Principal of World Languages Georgia Brandeis said, “We missed her energy around the department, and we love the fact that we can now again offer more French and just be a complete department.”  

Sophomore Noushine Zaman said, “She’s very humorous, and at the same time incorporates it into class. She [also] makes learning activities fun by engaging everyone.” 

“She’s not boring and does keep her classes engaged which is obviously important,” junior Syed Ali added. “Also, I really liked the fact that she had regular quizzes that were easy, and helped boost scores.”   

Throughout her time here, Ms. Lopera has taught different subjects, including French and photojournalism, of various levels. To her former students, who graduated in her absence, Ms. Lopera said: “Have fun in college, make sure to do what you like, work hard, come visit me, and I hope they do well.”