Seniors nix mixer for movie night

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This year, the annual Townsend Harris Senior Mixer will be replaced by an outdoor pajama movie night on November 7th due to concerns about low attendance rates at previous mixers.

According to junior Georgia Malo, who has attended the senior mixer in previous years, “It wasn’t as fun as previous seniors made it out to be.”

The Student Union came to the consensus that they would play the movie Coraline after a poll was taken by the student body. 

Due to a lack of interest within the student population, senior advisor Jaime Baranoff has worked with the SU to cancel the mixer in exchange for a new event. She said, “We’re planning on having a pajama/movie night in the courtyard. Students can buy admission and get served popcorn, pizza, and other snacks to be decided. We also plan to sell Townsend Harris flannel pajama pants, which can help with the overall revenue of the event.” 

Some freshmen regret having missed out on the opportunity to attend the only school party available to their grade. Freshman Daniel Hilkevich said, “ I feel that the concept of such an event would one a great experience to meet new freshmen and make new friends.¨ Another freshman, Joshua Arany, said, “It seems like a very relevant event that I would have rather had over pajama night.” 

Regarding the fall mixer, senior Delila Hasic said, “I wouldn’t say that it’s the biggest event in the world. I think that people aren’t necessarily that interested in it. Students in our school don’t seem to be into these kinds of things.” 

Freshman Diego Pacheco said he would rather “go to a real theater.”

Junior Victoria Ciszewska, on the other hand, thought the idea of a movie night was  “innovative” and “refreshing.” 

“I never really knew about the senior mixer,” said sophomore Adrian Conanan, “but a pajama night sounds way more exciting.”