Let’s talk Founders’ Day fashion

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With Founder’s Day quickly approaching, it’s finally time to pick out that formal outfit that will live on in photos forever.  The Classic is here to bring you the top trends and what to wear for Founders Day 2019.  

Though students are urged to wear professional, business casual attire, many step out of the box for the special event. With the rise of social media and fashion influencers, trends rise as quickly as they fall. This year, many suspect the return of adventurous patterns including animal print, gingham and plaid, inspired by looks from Instagram influencers such as Emma Chamberlain and Ellie Thumann.  

Though Founders Day traditionally takes place in the beginning months of the school year, this year’s later November date means students may have to bundle up, expecting colder weather. As a result, freshman Yanaiya Jain stated, “Teddy bear jackets and furry [coats] will definitely be popular.”

For those not looking  forward to blister covered feet, swapping heels for chunky boots like Doc Martens is a comfortable option that adds an urban element to any outfit.  As for accessories, large industrial statement belts can elevate even the most simple of looks and have been a popular social media favorite.

The desire to dress well extends not only to the schools female population, but the male students as well.  However, with limited options boys may find it more difficult to vamp up their outfits. Senior Shane Werther stated,  “You can really only wear a suit, khakis, or a shirt, so there’s not many options to be creative as with girls. I think for guys it’s more about keeping with the formality.” Nevertheless, swapping out simple collared shirts for patterned versions can easily dress up any casual look.

An unspoken tradition of Founders Day has always been the many photography sessions outside of Colden Auditorium. The subsequent Instagram spam of photos from students in all grades and friend groups increases the desire to look good on social media. While some may view this as a distraction from the true meaning of Founders Day, senior Athena Stockdale said,  “It’s one of the only days in the year where we can dress up and no one will bat an eye at it. I think it’s part of the tradition.” She compares the event to “Townsend’s version of homecoming,” as the entire school community comes together to participate.

Sophomore Nissabelle Rianom added, “I don’t think that the fashion aspect takes away from the meaning of the event because it lets students add their own touches to the school tradition.”  No matter if you choose to dress up or dress down, Founders Day is the perfect celebration of each student’s unique style and taste.

Photo Courtesy of Jason Bacalla