Black Friday deals to entice the THHS community

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By Dylan Samuel and Netanya Tsang

As the annual tradition of “Black Friday” is here, stores are ready for the swarm of ambitious teenagers and shoppers looking for the best deals. With the age of technology being prominent, “Cyber Monday” is becoming more popular with finding deals with the click of a button. From a warm sherpa coat to a new pair of jeans, there are deals around every corner.

Every year, technology seems to be the most popular kind of deals students seek. This year, Walmart is offering the new Apple 10.2 inch 2019 iPad for $249 compared to $329. iPads and laptops have been growing in popularity in the classroom compared to the standard  notebook and pencil, making this an object of interest for many students. Junior Lilian Xu says, “The best Black Friday deal I got was for my Microsoft surface tablet.” Additionally, Airpods, which have been one of the most popular trends for the past year will be at its lowest price of 129 dollars, also available at Walmart. Everyday appliances at IKEA such as bed frames are 20 percent off and table lamps are 50 percent off from November 27 to December 8. Pacsun is having a buy one get one free deal on all jeans and chinos with all merchandise 40 percent off at outlet stores. At Hollister, the entire store is 50 percent off online and in store.

As usual, students are already searching for items that have been on their wishlist.  Junior Yuri Choi says, “I plan to buy winter clothing and Christmas gifts… I’d prefer to take advantage of the sale now.” Afifa Ibnat added, “This year I want (to) buy a new bed or a new waffle iron.” Students mainly look for deals from their favorite stores and retailers. Madeline Cannon said “Normally on these days I tend to just buy clothes or shoes. I usually shop at the stores that I’d normally go to like Forever 21, American Eagle, or Hollister.”

Is the Internet drawing people away from going into stores on Black Friday? Senior Harman Singh said, “Every year I always shop during Cyber Monday because it’s easier for me to navigate brands [and] stores online, and it’s less work since I can do it from home. However, I go Black Friday shopping as well, but not as frequently. Usually I go every other or third year because I don’t like the chaos and having to go in person.” Junior Sarah Aguiar agrees, “My family and I normally don’t go shopping on Black Friday to avoid all the craziness, but my mom of course takes advantages of all those sweet deals on Cyber Monday.” 

Ranging from technological to practical wants, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are opportunities to fulfill them. As usual, prepare for the wait on long lines in the cold and endless deals on sites this weekend.