Fans offer thoughts on Frozen 2

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Frozen II received critical acclaim and was a massive box office success upon its release last month. The film was a follow-up to the original Frozen, which quickly became an international hit in 2013. Today it’s one of Disney’s most renowned movies, even winning an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Six years later the sequel begs the question: how does Frozen II compare to its predecessor? Townsend Harris moviegoers shared their thoughts. (Warning: minor spoilers ahead!).

Freshman Chayti Biswas said, “[Frozen’s] music was so ‘Disney’ like. [It was] catchy and… easy to sing along [to].” Some may argue that the songs in Frozen II aren’t as memorable as those in Frozen because they sound more complex than other traditionally catchy Disney songs. However, freshman Amanda Ip said, “The music [in Frozen II] was very catchy and you would have it stuck in [your] head very easily.” 

In both films, the plot and character development can easily leave viewers emotional. Chayti remembered, “tearing up and crying at the end [of Frozen II] because of [a sad] scene between Elsa and Anna.” Amanda also said she “cried a lot.” 

While Frozen was unique in its depiction of Disney princesses, Frozen II provided a different spin on the style of filmmaking found in Disney cartoons. Junior Natalia Gierlachowski said it’s “more complex storyline” made it better than the original…that keeps me interested as a teen.”  

However, some components left viewers unsatisfied. Natalia continued that during Kristoff’s solo song she,“could tell the creators were trying to be sarcastic and funny,” but the execution was “awkward.” 

Frozen II follows the story of sisters Anna and Elsa and their friends as they embark on an adventure to save their home, Arendelle. As they venture into a different land, they attempt to accomplish their goal and discover more about themselves and their history. 

The sequel features a more complex story than its predecessor, with a darker tone ands more dramatic, Broadway-style musical numbers. 

The plot explores questions that viewers may have had after watching the original, including the true reason behind the death of Elsa’s parents.

Art by Amanda Renzi.