The Harrisite holiday gift guide

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By  Ikeoluwa Adedokun, Staff Writer

With the holiday season and break right around the corner, there are a few things that are on Harrisites’ minds, one of which being holiday gifts. As it is the time of giving, everyone prepares to get their friends a gift that they will cherish. However, Townsend students often go “broke” in the process, because of the lack of budget and the number of people that they are buying gifts for. Here is a holiday gift guide to ensure that you get the perfect gift for those special people.

The top 5 gifts under $20 are….

  1. Stationery supplies: Throughout the past few years, there has been an interest in productivity, in which many brands such as MUJI became popular within the THHS community. In a school where a pen is often preferred over a sword, junior Rachel Weng said, “Nothing can go wrong with [MUJI] pens.”
  2. Video games: Gaming systems such as the PS4, XBox and Nintendo Switch are a part of a Harrisite’s way of destressing from schoolwork, tests, and athletics. This gift not only benefits you, but your friends as well, and are often under $20. Sophomore Liam Dolphin referred to video games as “a good gift to give [and] recieve.”  
  3. Popsocket: Aside from focusing on academics, we often spend our time texting and watching videos or Netflix during frees and lunch bands. With a popsocket, you can often multitask and get other things done, serving as an accessory for all your needs.  
  4. Face masks: As we often stress about midterms, some unwanted blackheads begin to surface, causing our faces to rage with acne. Junior Roshan Patel added that students appreciate “anything beauty related, [such as] face masks, acne cream, [and] face wash… whether or not they say that they do.”
  5. Socks: As the holiday season invites cold wintery days, with snow and temperatures below the appropriate running weather, socks prove to be a gift that will withstand the test of time. 

The top 5 gifts under $40 are…

  1. Clothing: Since you hang out with your friends, for the majority of the time, you may know their styles and what they are interested in experimenting with. Roshan added, “I’d say clothes [are safe], if you [really] know your friends style… and think they will like it.”    
  2. Herschel bookbags: The Herschel bookbag is increasingly popular at Townsend, easily recognized by its minimalistic and classy look. Get your friends to defy the stereotype of hefty school bags and come to school in a more stylish and comfy way of carrying their books and homework.
  3. Hydroflask: With the VSCO girl trend being ever so prominent in our school, and running playing a huge role in our physical education curriculum, many students would gladly accept a hydro flask for their day-to-day life.
  4. Sports ball: With a large fraction of the THHS community being a part of a sports team, this proves to be an excellent gift in order to ensure a friend practices and improves their skills. One of the top gifts that senior Joe Guartan has gifted was a “soccer ball [for under] $40,” as he and his friends are avid fans of the sport.  
  5. A Watch: Knowing that many students at our school struggle to make it on time to their first band class, getting them a watch will not only be a stylish accessory, but a demerit savior as well. 

The top 5 gifts under $60 are…

  1. Vans: One of the most popular shoes in this school are Vans, whether they are checkered, classic Old Skools, or the SK8-Hi’s. Anybody would appreciate a new pair to add to their collection, making this gift perfect for all shoe-lovers. 
  2. Gift cards: A popular gift item among Townsend students that has no bounds is a gift card. It can be used for anyone and can range from a reasonable price point between $20-$60. The problem is often making it sentimental and for this, junior Riya Sakpal advises to “put a note with it [and] then it would be thoughtful.” 
  3. Sweatshirts: As hoodie season continues to make its mark in Townsend, what could be a better gift than a hoodie to amp up your friend’s style? Riya said she would get her friends “small jackets, not a big jacket, [something] like a hoodie, [because] they have different taste in fashion.”
  4. Sports jersey: On top of supporting your favorite sports team, a sports jersey will allow you to show off your school spirit during spirit week and help you earn those citizenship points. Joe added, “one of the best gifts [he] has ever received was a Barcelona soccer jersey.”   
  5. A One Year Subscription to Spotify Premium: As the year comes to an end and students excited open their “Spotify Wrapped” reports, some wish that there was more they could have done to listen to music. The solution is quite simple—with Spotify Premium, you can listen without advertisements and download music to play anywhere and everywhere. 

With this holiday gift guide in mind, you can afford to purchase your close ones gifts that they will use and enjoy with no stress. Have a nice time shopping and happy holidays.