With added show, tickets still available for FON performances this weekend

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At this year’s FON kickoff rally, the addition of a Friday afternoon show was announced, making 500 additional tickets available to the student body. As of Tuesday, the Saturday night show tickets have sold out. While tickets remain for the other shows, Friday night tickets are on track to sell out soon as well.

Regarding ticket sales, it seems that students felt more at ease this year when buying admission to the show. Assistant Principal of Organization Ellen Fee said, “[As of] Tuesday, we sold out of Saturday evening [tickets]. Otherwise, we still have shows that are open, especially the matinees.” Senior Ashley Cholula added however, “It [was] semi-difficult to get tickets at least the one you want because of the big lines and long waiting time.”

FON practices, for the most part, started after the kickoff rally, with some groups holding auditions to group their dancers. Practices then occur on a weekly basis all the way until FON. Sophomore Julia Bossis stated, “I think that [leaders] are strict in a way that is beneficial to the final product of the show, and are still understanding when you have appointments or things that you can’t work around.”

However, there are always two sides to everything. Freshman Estella Chan, a ticket holder for this year’s performance, commented, “I think it might be difficult on the performers, but I guess it’s nice to have more opportunities for more people to see shows.” Ashley feels that teachers could be more understanding and said “a lot of assignments have been given to us during this time and with the amount of practices and run through we have done, we barely have any time [for school work].”

Ms. Fee believes that there are several benefits to including the fourth show, stating that “by adding a fourth show, it allows for our students to have access to invite their family and friends, and just one more additional chance to show off their talent and shine.”