Food delivery at THHS: Where to get the best bang for your buck

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With this growing age of technology, food delivery services have gained immense popularity, with consumers using apps to order food rather than making phone calls or going out in person. 

Many Harrisites often order food after school, and some seniors order lunch during school. For these students, the best restaurants to order from have good food, low prices, and short delivery times.


One restaurant that is close to THHS is Tost. Located near Dunkin Donuts on Kissena Boulevard, it is a common place for Harrisites to order from. Senior Emily Tan rated the food quality an 8 out of 10, “because the food is fresh and there’s a lot of options.” Even Senior Julia Xia, who has only tried their burritos, rated the quality of the food about a 7.

On the speed of delivery, Emily stated, “They usually give it to you in 20 to 30 minutes.” Julia rated the speed of delivery a 5 out of 10,  “[which is] not amazing considering they’re only across campus.” 

“Costliness is 6 out of 10,” Emily added. “Sandwiches should not be $9.” According to her, the best dishes to order are the California Wrap, Chicken Avocado Sandwich, and Honey Bee Panini. 

Yaya Tea

Yaya Tea is a cafe in Elmhurst that specializes in onigiri rice balls and a variety of freshly brewed tea. Senior Tri Watanasuparp said, “Food quality is a 9/10, speed of delivery is a 9/10… I usually order their Shrimp Tempura Onigiri with a cup of Boyfriend fruit tea.” Yaya Tea has a variety of fruit tea, milk tea, and green tea on their menu. 

Entrees at Yaya Tea are $8 to $9 and the rice balls and tea are around $3. “The costliness is an 8/10,” Tri added, “Overall, their prices are relatively cheaper than most other stores and their menu items are absolutely worth it.” 


With several THHS clubs, teams, and groups hosting fundraisers, Blaze has become a popular restaurant for Harrisites. Sophomore Hallie Lai gave the food a perfect 10 out of 10 rating, stating that “the food is extremely fresh and there’s always options for everyone whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or a meat eater. However, depending on the pizza you get, it could seem overpriced for a small size.” 

She added that the best dish that Blaze has to offer is the “build-your-own pizza” option.  

Mira Sushi

With locations in Queens and in the Flatiron district, Mira Sushi offers a myriad of Izakaya-style dishes. However, quality is also a priority for Mira Sushi, and different specials make their food more affordable. 

Senior Clara Greceanu rated the restaurant an overall 9 out of 10. She said, “Mira Sushi has a very large menu and their food is fresh. The portions are super filling, and the lunch special lowers the cost. It’s also one of the few restaurants that I’ve ordered from that has both sushi and cooked meals.”

Yummy Taco

Located on Union Turnpike in Flushing, Yummy Taco is a “Tex-Mex” restaurant that offers affordable food with fast delivery. Clara said, “You really can’t go wrong with most of their menu, but the fried shrimp are really good, they don’t get cold on the way as some of the other dishes [do], plus it’s a large portion.” 

She rated Yummy Taco a 7 out of 10, explaining that “you get what you pay for.” However, she added that Yummy Taco is a great choice “especially when you don’t want to spend a lot of money, plus [she thinks] they’ve gotten really good at processing large orders from how much our school orders from them.”

Ultimately, many students have positive feelings towards using delivery services. Though sophomore Emma Bell does not order food in school, she explained, “My lunch period is too short, but I plan to do it when I’m a senior.”

Sophomore Saad Ahmed added that delivery services allow for “easy and simple food orders when you’re on the go or simply need a break from traditional cooking!”

Photo by Jasmine Wang.