February bell music honors Black History Month and Respect for All week

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Have you heard the new music when walking in between your classes? Did you recognize any of the songs or artists? For the month of February, the bell music has included different variations of popular songs that highlight Black History Month and LGBTQ+ pride. During the second week of February, which was respect for all week, the music highlighted artists who sang about equal representation for the LGBTQ+ community, with a special playlist on Valentine’s Day. 

Some songs that were included in the playlist this month are “Smooth Criminal” by Micheal Jackson, “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry, “Born this Way” by Lady Gaga, and “Same Love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Assistant Principal of Organization, Ellen Fee says “ We have moved over our system to a Spotify playlist and because February has many events happening there were different playlists that corresponded to those events.” The bell schedule was set to return to the classical music that previously played. Ms. York and the Student Union played a role in the making of the playlist for Respect for All Week and Black History month, respectively.  

Ms. Fee is originally in charge of the classical music that is heard on other months.

She says, “ The general overall theme for the music follows the rule of having no words as it is not meant to be a distraction for students when walking through the hallway.”  They strayed away from this tradition this past February. Because of its success, Ms. Fee and the SU plan to continue this idea for other major events in the future. 

Students of all grades expressed their content with the new music playing in the hall. Sophomore Zarif Rahman commented,  “I would want this (the music) to continue for other events because it really raises awareness and it’s nice to hear a change in the music once in a while.” 

Freshman Evan Chan agreed with Zarif but added that, “There should have been more of a variation of music because I kept hearing the same songs many times.”

Seniors Jasmine Wang and Rachel Zheng said that there should have been more of an accurate representation of LGTBQ+ week. Rachel mentioned, “ The music was a good change from the music that we normally hear.” Jasmine added onto this, saying “The diversity of the music has been a good change and they should continue this type of music for forwarding bell schedules.” 

Students like junior Stephanie Chouhan recognized the importance of these school wide initiatives. “I’m glad that we’re recognizing these artists during the month of February and representing people of all communities and backgrounds. Being inclusive is very important.”