Celebrating Halloween in a pandemic

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With social distancing guidelines in place and the prospects of going door-to-door gone, this upcoming Halloween will certainly be like no other. Despite these new limitations, modern technology and a bit of creativity can still go a long way in making sure that Halloween this year is just as enjoyable but still safe. Here are some ways you can celebrate virtually or at home!

One option is to host a Halloween party on Zoom and enjoy activities like Halloween themed Kahoot or virtual escape room. Plenty of popular games, such as Among Us, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Fortnite have special Halloween updates that you can enjoy playing with friends. 

If you are not a big fan of games, other virtual activities include watching a scary movie together through Teleparty, a Chrome browser extension that allows you to watch shows and movies synchronously with friends while chatting at the same time. Don’t have a movie in mind? Share your own spooky stories with your friends and try to scare them.

Of course, sometimes you feel like you need to get away from a screen after spending hours online during the week. The cure? Give your eyes a rest and do something hands-on! With your family, you can transform your home into your very own haunted house with homemade decorations. If DIYs are not up your alley, find some pumpkin candles, fake cobwebs, and plastic skeletons in-stores or online to put yourself in the Halloween spirit. 

For the chefs and foodies, you can bake special Halloween treats such as pumpkin spice pies, cakes, or cookies shaped like ghosts, witches, and pumpkins. You can even try to make pumpkin spice ice cream! If you are feeling really creative, you can search up videos on how to make scary mocktails or autumn seasoned Starbucks drinks. 

With enough caution, there are even ways to enjoy this holiday with small groups of friends as long as you wear a mask, stay outdoors, and practice social distancing. Freshman Kristin Lai said, “I plan on meeting up with my friends, walking around in my neighborhood and playing fun board games altogether in my backyard, all while social distancing.” 

In addition to being able to spend time with your friends, you can also always celebrate with your family. “We are hosting an outdoor movie/game night on our 17-foot outdoor display,” shared science teacher Joel Heitman. “Of course there will be candy and other good food to eat … I like to surprise everyone with a costume each year.” 

With a bit of flexibility and creativity, not only can Halloween be just as exciting pandemic-style, it can even be one for the books. With safety as the priority, the holidays are sure to be an uplifting time for everyone.

Art by Veronica Kuzma