Top streaming shows of the week

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Each week there are new popular shows and with so much to choose from, it’s sometimes hard to settle on just one. Here are some recommendations for entertaining programs that are either new or trending now on streaming services.


Never Have I Ever

7.9/10: IMDB

Everybody wants someone who they can relate to. In this teenage coming-of-age comedy-drama, the show focuses on the life of 15 year old Devi Vishwakumar as she navigates her sophomore year of high school. Reeling from the loss of her father, she’s intent on becoming popular and more mature along with discovering her Indian culture and past memories of her dad. Of course, no teenage life is complete without social drama and love interests, and Devi definitely has her fair share of those. Netflix recently dropped season 2 on July 15, and it’s an emotional journey you’ll want to binge. 



8.6/10: IMDb

To kick off the summer, Disney+ has released their third show of Marvel’s Phase 4: Loki. This six episode series picks up from where Avengers: Endgame left off, as Loki, the infamous god of mischief, escapes from the Avengers using a device called the tesseract to teleport away. However, in doing so, he is apprehended by the Time Variance Authority (TVA) for disrupting the flow of time (no surprise there), or as known in the show the “Sacred Timeline.” Traveling across different timelines and events in history, both in the future and past, we see Loki take on an adventure like no other. This Marvel thriller is paving the way for Spiderman: No Way Home and future Marvel projects. Watch as Loki seeks out his “glorious purpose.”  All episodes are now streaming on Disney+.


American Horror Stories

6.7/10: IMDb

Frightening its large fan base since 2010, the popular horror anthology series American Horror Story has consistently produced new chilling stories. However, the pandemic made it difficult to film fully fleshed out seasons like usual. In response to this problem, the creator, Ryan Murphy, decided to create single, stand-alone episodes in place of the full seasons. This means every episode of the show is a different horror story that will keep you on your toes. If you like the adrenaline and temptation of a horror movie, this series might be right for you. Episodes are released on Hulu every Thursday, and Season 11 of the usual, pre-pandemic show will premiere on August 25.

HBO Max:

Gossip Girl (Reboot)

5.3/10: IMDB

Based on the 2000’s CW hit drama Gossip Girl, this ten episode HBO Max original picks up eight years after the Gossip Girl website (from the original installment) had gone dormant. The show features a new cast and set of characters, but retains its predecessor’s depiction of the luscious Manhattan setting and opulent lifestyles of the young Upper East Side elite. The seemingly omniscient blog has made a comeback to haunt the new generation of Manhattan socialites. A new episode is released every Thursday, with two episodes currently available for streaming. 

Paramount +:

iCarly (Sequel)

7.1/10: IMDB

“I know, you see somehow the world will change for me, and be so wonderful.” To many of us, these lyrics have been practically imprinted onto our brain. The theme song of the popular childhood sitcom, iCarly, returns once more as we follow beloved characters Carly and Freddie as they journey through adulthood and bring back their webshow in a two season, 20 episode series. This long awaited reboot upholds the fun, silly, and upbeat mood of the original. Although major characters like Gibby and Sam in the 2007 Nickelodeon show will not be making a return, characters like Spencer will be reappearing along with new faces. Catch Carly, Spencer, Freddie, and some new characters on Paramount+, with new episodes out every Thursday.