Harrisites return in-person for Spirit Week and Hallway Decorating

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Townsend Harris launched this year’s Fall Spirit Week from Monday, November 1 to Friday, November 5, making it the first in-person Spirit Week since 2019. Pajama Day, Meme Day, Grade Color Day, THHS Pride Day, and Twin Day were all included on the itinerary. 

Harrisites  and staff donned their sleepwear around the school on Monday, kickstarting the week-long event. “[My favorite event was] Pajama Day, it was funny to see the teachers in pajamas in school,” said sophomore Jeremiah O’Shea.

Hallway decorating also took place after school last Monday on each grade’s respective floors. The grade themes included a red carnival theme on the third floor for the seniors, gold Mount Olympus on the fourth floor for the juniors, a blue dreamy theme on the fifth floor for the sophomores, and a green enchanted forest on the sixth floor for the freshmen. Sophmen Class President Hellen Oliveira said, “[The process was] honestly stressful. Never having done it before really set the bar low for me, but I think we all pulled through really well.”

Former Coordinator of Student Activities Sarah Loew, said, “Last year, because all students were remote, we modified hallway decorating and created an image with items around their house using their grade color. It was a bonding event.” 

“This year, [hallway decorating was] a competition. I think that speaks for itself,” Hellen said. Walking into the building Wednesday morning, many were amazed to see the work of the students. “I liked the decorations that were put into the hallways, maybe a bit excessive with the balloons, but overall, it was nice,” said freshman Symum Chowdhury.

On Tuesday, despite being asynchronous due to Election Day, students continued Spirit Week, spending  the day sharing their favorite memes or making their own on social media in honor of Meme Day. However, some said they prefer in-person meme days. 

 “I think a lot of students didn’t like Meme Day because it was online this year. My freshman year I remember a lot of students really liked dressing up in person as a meme, but because it was online this year that obviously wasn’t possible,” said junior Irene Skandalakis.

On Wednesday for Grade Color Day,, students wore colors corresponding to their grade’s hallway decor. Sophomore Matthew Almeida said, “I felt like it was cool that everyone could show up to school and represent their own grade.”

Many students sported their gym uniform and school sweatshirts on Thursday for THHS Pride Day. “I was walking through the halls and saw people in their club shirts too,” said sophomore Susan Yang.

Spirit week concluded on Friday with Twin Day. Students across all grades could wear matching outfits with their friends. 

The hallway decorating competition rankings were also announced, with the Seniors securing first place, the Juniors and freshmen tying  for second, and sophomores placing third.

“It was a very fun week and I’m very excited to see what the students will bring in next year,” said sophomore Tenzin Chemi.

Photo by Julia Maciejak