Class of 2023 starts senior year as Queens College classes begin

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Earlier today, seniors returned to school for the start of Queens College classes. Last year, seniors began their college classes remotely, making this the first time seniors have started classes on the college campus since Fall 2019. 

Students said that they are looking forward to seeing what the senior college bridge experience is like. 

I think the bridge year program is a wonderful opportunity. I’m both curious and a little nervous to see what my class has in store for me seeing as it’s my first time going onto the college campus for a course,” said senior Arietta Xylas.

Students are enrolled in a mandatory humanities seminar class and are given the opportunity to choose from a variety of courses for their elective course.

I love courses that have the potential to give me a new or deeper understanding of subjects that I may not have ever thought to delve into, and that is exactly what I expect to get out of [Anthropology 101],” Arietta said.

As part of the Bridge Program at Townsend Harris, all seniors are able to earn up to six college credits per semester, and though funding for the program was cut by the DOE in 2020, local politicians have filled the gap to ensure this year’s seniors can have this opportunity.

Photo by Erica Lee