Class of 2026 arrives a week before school starts for Orientation

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Last Wednesday, incoming freshmen and sophomores entered the Townsend Harris High School building, many for the first time, to get their ID photos taken, become better informed about the school, and otherwise acclimate themselves to their next four academic years. New Directors of Student Activities Jaime Baranoff and Blayne Gelbman organized the Orientation event, relying upon student and faculty volunteers to guide new students through the event. 

Student volunteers had the options to share their experiences with incoming students in group sessions, participate in Big Sib Little Sib activities, or promote their extracurriculars in the gymnasium. 

“I chose to promote S!NG because I’m going to be a vocal director this year, so I really wanted to get freshmen excited for the Freshiors performance,” said junior Joelle Gopaul. 

In their homeroom classes, freshmen were introduced to the school administration and some guidance counselors, who also distributed their schedules.

Orientation also gave incoming students a chance to buy gym uniforms before school starts. The Student Union worked with the Directors of School Activities to ensure everything ran smoothly.

“I was obviously nervous at first because I had no clue what to expect, but as Orientation continued, it was great,” said freshman Xyr Causapin. “There were so many different clubs and so many kind and respectful students talking to us.”

Photo by Erica Lee