Ms. Baranoff takes over as COSA


Mehrose Ahmad

Ms. Baranoff takes over as COSA after being Senior Advisor for three years.

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As of the 2022-2023 school year, social studies teacher Jaime Baranoff is taking over as the new Coordinator of Student Activities (COSA) at Townsend Harris High School.

The job of the COSA involves running Student Union (SU) meetings, overseeing clubs,  facilitating community service events such as the upcoming blood drive, and organizing honor societies like Arista and Archon.

Ms. Baranoff has taught at THHS for 17 years, and thus is well acquainted with the school community. “We have the best kids: they are so helpful, they are so involved, [and] so professional,” she said. “I really enjoyed working with the students and planning fun activities for them, and so this is just an opportunity to do that on a bigger scale.”

Before assuming the position, Ms. Baranoff was the Senior Advisor for three years. When discussing her motivations for taking this new role, she highlighted her experience with the SU, saying, “One of the things that struck me the most when I was Senior Advisor was that I got to go to the student-led SU meetings with the administration, and I was so impressed by how professional and how adult the students were in conducting these meetings.” 

For this year’s activities, Ms. Baranoff aims to increase both the quantity of events and attendance to them. “We’re really here just to give kids what they’re not getting in the classroom, all the fun stuff, all the meaningful activities to really help them find a home in this school.” 

Ms. Baranoff is hopeful that this year, COVID won’t disrupt as many events as it’s done in years prior. “The COVID protocols I think are—for the most part—over,” she said. “I think we’re kind of moving back to pre-COVID normalcy… and I hope in a safe way.”