Seniors take the 2022 Hallway Decorating crown

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In celebration of Townsend Harris’ annual ‘Hallway Decorating’ contest, students from all grades gathered with their peers to accessorize and spruce up their respective floors. The colors and themes chosen for each grade this year were as follows: purple for Galaxy Euphoria (9th Grade), yellow for Minions (10th Grade), pink for Candyland (11th Grade), and red for High School Musical (12th Grade). 

To determine the winners of this year’s competition, teachers were asked to judge each grade’s hallway based on overall appearance, presence of grade color, use of grade theme within the grade color, and artistic representation of the whole class. Last Tuesday, the results for this year’s contest were released during morning announcements, with the seniors finishing in first place, followed by the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen in second, third, and fourth, respectively. 

Junior Class President Hellen Oliveira said that the Class of 2024’s performance was “so much better” than that of previous years. “It is insane what you can do when you plan ahead of time. We had a few obstacles along the way, but this year has surpassed all of our performances [from] before.” 

Despite all the stress and chaos that may come with this event, she said that “seeing the end result is always a fun and rewarding experience” and that the overall experience in executing the event is “very memorable.” 

When asked about the freshmen class’s performance this year, freshman Jenna Abdelhamid, who assisted in decorating, said, “I’m honestly really proud of us because even in the midst of all the chaos, everyone was working together and helping in any way that they could. I believe that this kind of teamwork and community is very powerful, especially starting off as the new kids in a completely new school.” 

Photos by Erica Lee