THHS welcomes prospective class of 2027 students at open house


Janaya Sydney

Many students volunteered to introduce THHS to the class of 2027.

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On November 10, Townsend Harris held an in-person open house for students interested in applying to the school. 

In order to run the event, many current students volunteered to take the prospective students and their families on tours around the school, speaking on behalf of all that THHS has to offer. All of the school’s classes, clubs, and other activities were put on display for visitors to learn more about, giving deeper insight into the experience of a Harrisite.

Coordinator of Student Activities Jaime Baranoff said, “Prospective students get such a whirlwind tour that it must be difficult for them to truly grasp how wonderful our academic, extracurricular, and athletic programs are, [as well as] our beautiful community. But in meeting and speaking with students, staff members, faculty, and administrators, they can at least experience how special our ‘Townsend people’ are.”

Due to health risks in the past few years, prospective students who attended virtual open houses during the pandemic were not able to get a true feel of our school community. Junior Kristin Lai said, “[The virtual open house was] definitely not as personal or intimate as in-person… It allows for you to talk to a [current]student and hear their personal experience, as well as see the school with your own eyes.”

Senior Class Advisor Blayne Gelbman said, “I think [the open house] gives us the opportunity to shine a light, even if brief, on how well this school serves our students and that anyone admitted here is lucky to have [such an incredible] opportunity.”

The open house was also beneficial for current Harrisites, tour guides said,  allowing them to collaborate and work together to provide prospective students the best visit possible. “The open house [also] reminds students of what makes our school so great and boosts school spirit,” said Kristian.