Harrisites’ Spotify Wrapped

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First launched in 2013 as Year In Music, Spotify’s Spotify Wrapped sets it aside from other streaming platforms. This year’s Spotify Wrapped came out on November 30th, featuring each listener’s streaming statistics.

Some of this year’s Spotify Wrapped features included a summary of the user’s top genres, artists, songs, music personalities, total play time, top five songs of the year, top artists, and most listened to podcasts. The data put towards each user’s Spotify Wrapped is compiled from their analytics from January to October.

One of the aspects of Wrapped that interested users the most was the summary of the user’s top song, which varied across many genres and languages depending on the listener. Freshman Seira Tashiro’s top song was ‘Every Summertime’ by NIKI. Sophomore Jenny Ren said that her top songs were ‘MIA’ by Bad Bunny/Drake and ‘Midnight Rain’ by Taylor Swift. Spotify also provides the user with information about how they compare to other listeners for the same artist. Jenny was in the top 2% of Taylor Swift listeners this year.

Another unique feature of Wrapped are the artist messages, where artists that the user has listened to throughout the year thank their listeners for a year of music. There is also another section that provides the seconds of songs categorized as Your Missed Hits, which consists of songs the user never listened to but songs that fit their genres of interest.

Spotify also generates a playlist personalized to each listener, which is titled Your Top Songs 2022. Junior Evan Diep said, “I find myself often coming back to my playlist of Top Songs from 2022 because it has all the songs that I enjoyed throughout the entire year in one spot, making the music easier for me to access.”

Some listeners believed that their Wrapped accurately represented their listening this year. Evan said, “I think it’s accurate because it represents the songs that I enjoyed the most throughout the entire year.” When asked about if his most listened song was accurate, Jie Xuan said, “I vividly remember listening to this song the most.” His favorite song was Li Bao by Ronghao Li. Freshman Alvin Lin said, “it was cool seeing the songs I listen to [in the summary], since the display of songs shows my emotions throughout the year.”

However, others were not entirely satisfied with the analytics projected in their Wrapped. Jenny said, “I could say it’s both accurate and not accurate, the songs were all from my interest in the past, but now the genre I listen to is completely different.” Junior Faith Park agreed with this comment, as she said, “’I am kind of sad that it doesn’t reflect what I’m listening to at the moment. I think my music taste now is different from then.”

This year’s Spotify Wrapped might have come to an end, but with the new year comes new music and the opportunity to discover new artists, songs, albums or bring back some old favorites.