Harrisites reflect on their 2023 winter break


Katherine Lian

Harrisites express how they feel coming back to school after break.

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After rigorous weeks of work, Harrisites took their well-deserved winter break. The break began on December 24, 2022, coinciding with Christmas Eve and the start of the holidays. 

Now that the break is over, students back in school seem to have returned with many positive experiences over this long awaited period of relaxation. With student activities over break varying, freshman Skylinn Huang expressed  how she felt after visiting Indonesia and a spa resort over the break. “I felt relaxed and more ready to return to school,” she said. Sophomore Sean Park went to Connecticut for a family get together, describing it as the “perfect thing [he] needed to unwind.” 

The break ended on January 3, 2023, after 10 days. As Harrisites returned to the school building, a few students seemed to have feelings of tiredness. Junior Vivian Chen describes her transition back to school as “kind of feeling like jet lag.” After her irregular sleep cycle, she “[has] to get back into the routine of waking up early for zero band.” Freshman Ivan Sun said that he had some  “ups and downs,” but he felt “tired and stressed” about having to return back.

“Other than having trouble falling asleep the night before going back to school, I have had a relatively manageable transition,” senior Matthew Algenio said. “As a senior, I always keep in mind that I only have one more semester to keep up my work ethic,” he said.

English teacher Brian Remy said that he was “excited to see [his] students again after the break [and to] dive into the new year and teach [his] students better.” Math teacher Kayla Gill described her break as “very relaxing” and that she is “excited for new opportunities in 2023.”